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Established 1959
Official Website http://www.ellesse.com/

Ellesse is an Italian sports apparel company founded by Leonardo Servadio in 1959.


Leonardo Servadio began his company on June 19th in 1959 with the intention of breaking the barrier between fashion and sport apparel, as for Servadio, sport was about a combination of style and flair as well as a good time spent with friends. [1] He founded the company in Perugia, Italy and named the company using his initials, to which made "elle-esse". As Servadio was a skilled tailor as well as a charismatic salesman, his company began in strong stride as by the 1970s Ellesse was seen as a quality producer of skiing apparel. This was accomplished by Servadio taking care in assuring his products performed brilliantly as well were stunning on the slopes. It was functional skiwear with a look that was worthy of street fashion attire.