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Established 1906
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New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. better known simply as New Balance or just NB, is a shoe manufacturing company formed by William J. Riley in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906. The company was originally known as the New Balance Arch Support Company. New Balance is currently one of the largest sporting goods companies in the world.

New balance still manufactures several of it's higher quality shoes in the United States; very uncommon for a shoe manufacturer as most manufacturers assemble shoes in Chinese factories. New Balance is perhaps best known for their manufacture of shoes in several widths ranging from AA to EEEEEE.


William Riley became inspired by the a chicken foot to create products for consumers in motion. In 1906, Riley founded the New Balance Arch Support Company that dedicated itself to relieve the foot pains of laborers and help keep them up on their feet in comfort. [1] This led to the development of the New Balance Metatarsal Arch Support which was patented in 1908 and was designed to provide the sorely needed pain relief. With comfort being the paramount goal in mind, New Balance created its first running shoe in 1938 that was made to achieve superior comfort without sacrificing performance for competitive runners. The company was so assured of their shoes' quality that they offered money back guarantees to consumers. And in 1941 were commissioned by the Boston Braves to create a custom baseball shoe that would ensure the best comfort and performance for players of such a demanding sport.

Past innovations had been such a success that it was not surprising when New Balance became the first in the industry to offer quality shoes in different widths by 1960. The dedication to their mission of providing a good fitting shoe for every person regardless of foot size or shape placed New Balance in a mindset for excellence. In 1981 the New Balance Foundation was created to focus on the betterment of children and society, with intents of goodwill and charity, and to combat growing obesity rates and poor health choices. [2] This became the root of the company's community outreach, to encourage cooperative relationships and a means of giving back to the people.

Countries of Origin

Many of New Balance's shoes are made in the USA, either entirely or of imported materials. Those that aren't are primarily manufactured in China.